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We welcome international patients


With us you can find state of the art medical practice. Dr. Arturo Garcia had his fellowship training in Bristol, UK, and is highly specialized in advanced procedures such as Sacral Neuromodulation (Interstim), Artificial Urinary Sphincter implantation, Anterior Sacral Root Stimulation (for patients with spinal cord injury) and all type of operations for Female Urinary Incontinence.

State of the art facilities

You will be treated in one of Mexico´s City best hospitals. Medica Sur is certified by the Joint Comission, which ensures medical attention with the best international standards. This Hospital also belongs to the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Outpatient clinic, urodynamic unit and inpatient facilities all in the same place, with highly qualified staff.


For more information on Medica Sur, please click here.

INTERSTIM (Sacral neuromodulation)

Interstim therapy is intended for patients with overactive bladder, faecal incontinence and non obstructive urinary retention. It acts as a pacemaker, which aims to restore normal urinary function, both for incontinence and urinary retention. With proper patient selection, success rates  range from 60 to 75%.


It is a minimally invasive operation, with very quick recovery times which can restore quality of life in a very large number of patients who have failed to other type of therapies such as Botox injections and oral medication.

Green Light Laser

Laser photovaporization of the prostate is one of the most widely form of treatmets for benign prostatic enlargement. It offers several advantages over traditional treatments, mainly shorter hospitalization time, reduced blood loss and a faster return to normal activities.




Urodynamics is the evaluation of the function and dysfunction of the lower urinary tract (bladder, prostate and urethra). We have the most modern unit in Mexico with videourodynamics and standard tests in order to provide the best standards to all types of patients.

Sacral Anterior Root Stimulation (S.A.R.S.)

This highly specialized treatment is for patients with a spinal cord injury, who are currently performing intermitent self catheterization (ISC). It is specially useful for patients who develop autonomic dysreflexia (a potentially life threatening condition). With adecquate selection, success rate is around 90% for restoring voiding function.  It may also improve bowel function and erections in this patients.  This form of treatment has FDA approval but is currently not done in the US.


The main aim of this procedure is to eliminate the need to perform ISC, thus reducing the number of urinary tract infections and greatly improving quality of life.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Incontinence happens in around 20% of patients after a radical prostatectomy, and about 5% after a TURP or Green Light operation. This has a severe impact on quality of life. There are several treatment options for this condition, and the gold standard remains the Artificial Urinary Sphincter, which is a mechanical device that substitutes the normal continence mecanisms.


We offer this type of operation and several other options for post prostatectomy incontinence, which will help you recover your quality of life

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